The beginning of our folly

We found our folly in the guise of a 1937 farm house with some land. The house is a wreck and there is trash (treasure?) all around the house. But we are in love and like most people with that malady we are over looking the flaws.

1937 farm house

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4 Responses to The beginning of our folly

  1. Traci says:

    OMG!!! I found your blog by looking for cooking on a wood stove….and then I had to keep going back to see this house. Am I correct that you are LIVING in this while remodeling? We had a 1922 house in which we were the 4th generation to live in…..we finally threw our hands up and built a new one right beside it!!! I admire you for what you are doing. Our old house didn’t even have footing…..just stacked rocks. The $134,000 we spent on the new house wouldn’t have put a dent in the old house, so we salvaged what we could from the old house and used it in the new house… the old doors that were used and touched by 5 generations of husband’s family. I didn’t even refinish them…..

    I will be sure to check back often to see your progress!!! Make sure you keep blogging…..I didn’t discover blogging until after we’d finished the house and I didn’t have a good camera……so sad, I know.

  2. lee says:

    Sorry, no woodstove cooking tips. We’re still learning ourselves. I’ve actually noticed in the site logs that quite a few visitors stop here after searching for “cooking on woodstove”. Most don’t stay long enough to leave a comment. 🙂

    Yup, we are living in this mess. Cheaper than renting elsewhere, but it will make the project go slower. We got quite a lot of gutting done in September before we moved in, but I’ve noticed that our productivity has tapered off during the winter. Lately we’ve been working and planning outdoor projects. (Chicken coop, fence lines, etc.)

    Wow, I sure hope we can finish the house for $134,000. Otherwise you might give my wife ideas to do the same!

  3. tamalita says:

    I also found this blog while looking for info about cooking on a wood stove 🙂 We just purchased a property in northern Idaho and had to install a new wood stove. Our property was not in quite the same shape as yours, but we have had to do quite a bit of work on the kitchen and plumbing. Anyway, the wood stove that was in place was an old giant and unfortunately the chimney liner was made of pumice, and cracked. Bottom line, we had to replace it. We have gotten used to using it for heating purposes, and I’m wanting to dip my toes into cooking – and found your awesome blog! Bookmarked 😉

  4. Stan says:

    You guys are great and rare. Lee you seem to be extremly handy. Glad you both have the same dream because if your wife ain’t on board you are finished. Kudo’s to both you and your work ethic inspires me. I had almost givin up on the younger generation. 🙂

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