Getting ready for the big move in

Today my Mom and I cleaned up the house. Lee and I are supposed to be moving in tomorrow and Thursday and the house was a complete disaster. So we vacuumed, mopped, and moved boards around in the upper two bedrooms. Vacuumed and mopped the stairway and hallway sections. Swept and vacuumed the living area along with organizing the tools somewhat. Then we swept and mopped the kitchen along with tiding up the counters. The house seemed a million times better after all of that. Like, well, maybe that we could actually move into it and live there. I have banned Lee from demoing anything else until after we get moved into the house all the way.

Later today Lee and I went back up there and brought a mattress set with us. That was fun. Lets just say that the staircase was not designed to have a queen sized set go up it. The bed is all made and ready for us when we officially move in.

The real reason we went up to the house tonight with the bed was I had forgotten to take in two boxes that had been shipped to us. So since we had to go up we might as well put the trip to use eh? Today I got my Lodge cookware shipped to me. Lee bought several pieces for me to use once we get our stove. I am very excited.

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