Getting worried

Sunday we had the last yard sale. We got rid of a bit of stuff and have already taken a truck load of left overs to Goodwill. That is our second truck load of stuff in two weeks and I need to take one more. Anyways, I’m sitting in the house feeling sick, freezing my butt off, and getting worried. We don’t have much more time before we are moving in. The house is a disaster and that little space heater was not making my feet warm. My plan for upcoming days I think will be mopping so I have at least one room that feels somewhat clean to put our stuff. That and buying some wool socks and warm underclothes.

Later Lee decided to start burning. I was going to join him to help get warm but yard sale business picked up. By the time I got back there the fire was down (still hot though) and all the burnables were gone. I couldn’t believe it. It proved to be a stubborn fire as we poured a ton of buckets of water on it to get it out. Then we went back later and coals had come back. So more buckets of water. Lee was grumbling because he would have just let it burn itself down. But we don’t want to get in trouble.

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