Mouse poop shower

Lee ripped out the rest of the remaining ceiling drywall. As he was pulling it down he told me that he was getting showered with mouse droppings. All he could think about was mice being carriers of bubonic plague. Doesn’t that just make you want to came spend a night at our house?

Most of the mice dropping piles centered around the light fixtures. They made big nests around the lights, probably to keep warm. At least that was our theory.

Next up Lee ripped out all of the drywall around the stairwell.

By the time we were finished basically the whole upstairs was completely gutted. There is only finishing up work left to do. Like ripping out nails, shoveling out plaster, and a few remaining lath boards to clean out.

Looking across the the house

Lee is taking a breather here. It looks as if he is contemplating how much work we have left to do. Though maybe he is just thinking about random odd things… “Do these coveralls come in red? Why doesn’t the bank also show the temperature in Kelvin? Is there a psychological name for being obsessed with nails?”

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