Assorted outside pictures

The last couple of afternoons I have spent outside cleaning up sticker bushes, brush, trimming or cutting out small trees, pulling up ivy, and picking up fallen limbs and trash. I am now working on my second burn pile as the first one got too big again. Anyways I thought that I would show some more pictures.

The first two are of the front yard. They are the pictures that I forgot to take after Jim and Sallie were done cleaning it up last Saturday. Doesn’t it look nice? I love not having any trash in my front yard!

Next is an area that I cleaned sticker bushes out of and limbed up small trees by the fence line. It looks much better. Since the sticker bushes are gone you can actually see the ferns that were in that mess. By that is an  area that I still need to work on. Night and day in the difference though. One area you can walk through without getting torn to shreds. The other you walk through at your own risk.

As I was working I came across two different types of mushrooms. I would say “YUM” but I don’t know my mushrooms. So it might be “YUM” and then ‘CLUNK’ as I dropped down dead from bad mushrooms.

Then as I was working back by the barn clearing out tree’s, sticker bushes, limbs, and other assorted stuff I came across tree slime. What may you ask is tree slime? Well I don’t know but that is as close as I can describe it. The slime was, well, slimy, jiggly, and wet looking. I found it growing on a tree branch that I cut down.

I actually have most of the unwanted flora by the barn cleaned up. Just the big sticker spot in the fourth picture and then some tree limbing higher up to do. Once that is done then I can start working on one of the two big pastures. That is gonna take a while.

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