Dead something

Lee and I worked on cleaning out the trash shed. I am really quite disgusted every time I work on it. I think that it is worse in some ways then all the other trash that we had to dig through around the property. The reason being that it is full of recyclables and outright garbage (like fast food wrappers etc.). The other stuff that we have cleaned up, while it was still trash (rotting clothes and whatnot), it’s usually not household nasty stuff. I really don’t understand why the former tenants didn’t take this stuff to the dump. It makes me mad and grosses me out that I am having to dig through their household waste.

I had to laugh though as I found carpet under all the trash on the dirt floor. Lee say’s maybe their plan was to vacuum it every ten years but then they couldn’t because of all the garbage they piled on top of it.

I found two dead things. One which we think was another dead cat so that would bring the count up to three. The other was just a pile of jumbled bones. I don’t know my skeletons so my guess is maybe a dead rat or squirrel?

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