No excuse for not being able to find his tools

Every time Lee goes about trying to do a job all I hear is how he never can find the right tool. I of course always tell him that if he put it back in the same place he might know where they were at. It’s the same story all the time.

We needed to get the place cleaned out where the stove will be going. Since there are tools scattered all around the house Lee decided to put up shop in the back bedroom where he just installed the subpanel. It is his official tool work room for the moment. After he finished the job of organizing all his tools he told me that he was finding lost ones all over the house.

Except he still has an excuse. He now tells me that it will be the tool gremlins that come at night and mislay them. Un-huh.

Here is the clean area again that we will be working on. Edgar is staring in amazement. So am I for that matter. Lee wants to get the stove in this weekend. We will see though because I think he may be coming down with my cold.

We decided to put off installing the tiles under and behind the stove. That means that we don’t have to jack up the house before we install the stove. Woohoo. The reason being is after Lee talked to his brother it was suggested to wait. We have roofing, more walls and ceilings to tear out, and a million other banging around things to do. If we installed the tiles now we run the risk of cracking them during the other house work. So we are going to do a quick install that will keep us warm now and do the final finishing up later.

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2 Responses to No excuse for not being able to find his tools

  1. Jess says:

    So when are you organizing Dad’s tools so he can find them?

  2. robin says:

    Ha ha. Yeah that sounds like a big job as he has more tools than Lee. Something tells me that if you started organizing Dad’s tools you would find triplicates. You know, gotta buy new ones since you can’t find the old ones.

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