Our stove has arrived!

We actually ordered our wood burning stove about three weeks ago but just had Midgleys hold it for us. Lee picked it up on Thursday but had to wait for help since we couldn’t move it ourselves. The stove weighs around 450 pounds I think.

So since we couldn’t move the stove by ourselves Lee backed the truck up to the porch and covered it with a tarp. That way any would be wood stove thiefs would have a harder time getting to it. I suppose that you could have just stolen the truck but then we might have heard that happening.

My Mom and Dad brought up ramps and a hay dolly that could lift over 700 pounds. A very super sized dolly. Lee took out all the fire bricks to help lighten the weight. Then Jim, Dad, Mom, and Lee managed to get it off the truck and into the house without  killing anyone or even damaging anything.

So now it sits along the wall with all the other tools and what not until we move it again. My Dad left the dolly so that should make it easier. If Lee didn’t have such a huge deadline coming up with work I would be bringing out the whip. “Honeyyyyyyy, do you think you could work on the stove tonight pleaseeeeeeeeee?”

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