POUND, POUND, it all fell down

Someone was busy tonight. Remember when we were puzzling over the weird cross bracing in this picture?

Lee got busy tonight.

This is what that wall looks like from my kitchen and from the bedroom now.

Someday I hope to post about putting up a wall instead of tearing them all down.

Lee’s Note: I’d like to say that I did not simply throw caution to the wind and knock out the cross braces.  First I consulted with two different people involved in construction.  Everyone came to the same conclusion, namely:

  1. This appears to be some sort of shear bracing
  2. This has absolutely no value as shear bracing

Given the fact that the lath and plaster walls I took down added considerably more shear strength than these silly little diagonal pieces, I knocked them out as well.  Since we live in a potentially siesmic area, I’ll look into added more shear strength to the house overall before I close up the walls.

Our immediate order of business is to mount a 200A electrical panel inside this wall.  I’ve got 52 feet of 2/0 aluminum cable (at $4 a foot) which will carry the house load from our newly installed meter main outside, through the crawlspace, and then up into this stud bay.  Here’s hoping I can get that all done tomorrow. If so, hot water will be a 5 minute job.

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