The comforts of life

We are all the way moved in now. That happened on Friday. Today we got our Internet hooked up. YEAH! Talk about feeling disconnected from life. Anyways, I thought I would show some of the small comforts that we have now.

First of all we have two power cords that run into our house from outside. That powers everything we use inside. It’s 40 amps so we have to juggle what we are using on what circuit. Lee made it so the window wouldn’t work. That way we don’t have to unplug everything before leaving each time. That got annoying fast.

Next up is the lovely little thing called the hot plate. We use that to heat up water to take our shower with, cook our meals with, and wash our dishes with. I can’t believe that I am washing dishes by hand now. So along with my hot plate I now am the proud owner of a dish rack. Bleck!

We now have a mini fridge. Take about scaling down what you can buy and put into it. But I shouldn’t complain as I am happy to have one.

Throw in a couple shop lights…

Next is the lighting in the bathroom. Basically we use candles at night time so we can see. I would say that it might be kind of romantic but that ice cold toilet seat kills that.

Now we go to the upstairs bedroom. This is really exciting now. Lee made a make shift hanger rod and shelf on the studs along with a fire extinguisher to complete the look. Lee also made me a cardboard box dresser to go by the bed. We sold our bedroom set when we left Phoenix and I really wanted something near my bed to put stuff on. I will have to make note that Lee didn’t want to make me one. I made fun of the cardboard dresser he made in the first year of our marriage. He also put them on pedestal boxes in case we still have mice. I don’t know if that would really help but it makes me feel better.

The last thing shown is one of the most important comforts in our house. The oscillating reflective heater. The cat and dog take turns laying on the dog bed soaking up the heat. We actually have two heaters in the house. My parents loaned us one and we use that downstairs.

There you go. Anybody want to come live with us now?

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5 Responses to The comforts of life

  1. Matt says:

    Wow, you guys are awesome. I don’t know about coming out to live there, but i totally want to visit!

  2. lee says:

    Ha ha. Awe-something is right. ­čÖé Our house guest at the rental before this moved out just when we moved in here. Little wonder why, eh?

    I’m waiting on 52 feet of 4/0 AL SER cable needed to hook up the subpanel. Once that is in, the water heater will be a 5 minute job (at least to temp it in). Having that online will return some normalcy to our lives I think.

  3. charity says:

    When can we move in? LOL

  4. robin says:

    LOL. Well you should at least wait for the stove to be installed because I’m not sharing my oscillating heater. Sallie gave Lee and I a two burner hot plate. Talk about an upgrade!

  5. Bhuva says:

    I love, love, love that house, the land, the old dilapidated barn. Almost came out of lukordm when you posted that glorious photo on November 29th, but didn’t. Now I see the house again and just have to comment. I’m not sure why I love this house and property so much. Maybe they remind me of my childhood in rural Quebec. Whatever the reason, your photos of the home and land speak to me on a deep emotional level. I feel a real visceral pull, looking at them. Wonderful.

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