Water, heat .. and now electricity

Tonight’s accomplishment is two indoor outlets.  I haven’t done it sooner because I was concerned about it interfering with the first stage in county electrical inspections.  Ever since we moved in, there have been two extension cords dangling from our living room window and plugged into boxes below the service panel.  There have also been lots of emphatic “when you get electricity” phrases uttered by in-laws, and lots of tripping over cords running about the place.

However, with tonight’s temperatures hovering around 10 degrees and cold air streaming in through a window held open for ridiculous reasons, I reached my limit.  If the county inspector wants to complain, I will apologise for having the audacity to simultaneous want electricity during a home renovation project and live in a county where the building department is owned by special interest groups.

So, 40 minutes to Jerry’s for two plastic outlet boxes and two outlets, one hour with a hammer, drill, wire strippers, etc, and the luxury of indoor electricity is ours!  Admittedly, we still have extension cords, but the location allows me to route them almost entirely out of the way.  No more tripping!

And yes, the outlets are strictly temporary.  For one thing, new code regulations require tamper proof outlets.  Also, I’m not sure I meet wire strapping requirements with this installation.  Given there is less than 3 feet of wire in the longer run, I’m going to worry about something else though.  Like our dwindling firewood pile …

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  1. Stan says:

    I just found your blog and I’m not a blogger but this is a great adventure to follow. Again while I’m sure there are times your attitude does inspire. Keep up the great work dont get discouraged and I hope you don’t mind but I went back to the beginning of your adventure and will get caught up and be following. Thanks

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