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Luddite technophiles unite!

While writing code this evening for work, it occurred to me that my desk environment might seem humorous to someone who didn’t know me: Yes, that would be an oil lamp and an EEEPC 1000.  Presently, we own more oil … Continue reading

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Visiting wildlife

We have had deer hanging around the last few days. They came up close to eat apples from the tree. Mostly we haven’t seen them even though I know that they are around. In the back field you can see … Continue reading

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Mouse Poop Torrent

For those who remember our post regarding a mouse poop shower, recent developments have made that one seem like showering in a spring rain.  Our living room and front bedroom have plywood ceilings oddly enough.  That was apparently a quick … Continue reading

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So sweet and nice. You will never notice my death rays.

Don’t you just want to hug him? That is before he rips you to ribbons. Jasper looks very evil in this picture. Maybe it’s because I am taking his picture and he only likes Lee. Hmm, maybe he is trying … Continue reading

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Stairway to nothing

Lee ripped out the wood paneling in preparation for the stove. While Lee was doing that he had two curious animals wondering what he was doing. First it was Edgar looking through the stairwell. Then it was Jasper wanting to … Continue reading

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Poor Edgar

Edgar got some spots he wouldn’t stop licking. After going to the vet for some medications he got put in an old paint shirt and Lee’s underpants.

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No excuse for not being able to find his tools

Every time Lee goes about trying to do a job all I hear is how he never can find the right tool. I of course always tell him that if he put it back in the same place he might … Continue reading

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In hot water

… and loving it! As some of you may remember, we cut all electric to our house just days before moving in as part of having a new outside service installed.  I got the well back online before we arrived, … Continue reading

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POUND, POUND, it all fell down

Someone was busy tonight. Remember when we were puzzling over the weird cross bracing in this picture? Lee got busy tonight. This is what that wall looks like from my kitchen and from the bedroom now. Someday I hope to … Continue reading

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Dead something

Lee and I worked on cleaning out the trash shed. I am really quite disgusted every time I work on it. I think that it is worse in some ways then all the other trash that we had to dig … Continue reading

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