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Assorted outside pictures

The last couple of afternoons I have spent outside cleaning up sticker bushes, brush, trimming or cutting out small trees, pulling up ivy, and picking up fallen limbs and trash. I am now working on my second burn pile as … Continue reading

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Our stove has arrived!

We actually ordered our wood burning stove about three weeks ago but just had Midgleys hold it for us. Lee picked it up on Thursday but had to wait for help since we couldn’t move it ourselves. The stove weighs … Continue reading

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The front yard is clean. YIPPIE!

This Saturday, Jim and Sallie came down to help. It also decided to pour buckets of rain on us today. Sallie and Jim got all the stuff left over in the yard carted away to the appropriate recycle/trash piles. Now … Continue reading

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Measure 2305

I haven’t mentioned it on the blog, but I was a huge fan of Oregon Measure 63.  It allows home owners to forgo building permits for work on their own homes other than electrical.  Considering the fact that many states … Continue reading

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The comforts of life

We are all the way moved in now. That happened on Friday. Today we got our Internet hooked up. YEAH! Talk about feeling disconnected from life. Anyways, I thought I would show some of the small comforts that we have … Continue reading

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Edgar’s got a problem

The fields by our house have lots of burrs in them. When we were still living in the rental house I would just deal with it and comb out hundreds of burrs when he came home. Now it’s a different … Continue reading

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We spent a night and it was…

…not that bad. True, we did come back to our rental to take our last hot shower until Lee fixes the water. Not to mention that we are doing our last minute packing and cleaning of the rental. But I … Continue reading

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Getting ready for the big move in

Today my Mom and I cleaned up the house. Lee and I are supposed to be moving in tomorrow and Thursday and the house was a complete disaster. So we vacuumed, mopped, and moved boards around in the upper two … Continue reading

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Happy fires

Our third burn pile of the season. WooHoo! Okay I guess it seems rather pitiful when you look at how much yard debris that we still have to burn. I wonder how many fires we will have before the burn … Continue reading

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Our walls seem to be hungry for nuts

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