Adrift in a sea of gray

It hasn’t rained in almost a week, so we’ve managed to make quite a bit of progress outside working in the evenings.  Robin’s dad brought over his three wheel Cushman and tow-behind mowing deck, and then stopped by three times this week to declare war on our fields of weeds, blackberry brambles, and dried grass.  Thanks Steve!  At this point, I’d say that about 70% of the property has been mowed, enabling us to reach trees we could only see from a distance before and work on trimming up low branches.

The blackberry thickets will definitely be a multi-year project.  I looked them up online, and it appears the only organic solution is to cut them down and then cut them down and then cut them down, ad nauseum.  Pulling them out by the root can also work, but the roots go deep and can regenerate from even small fragments.  Repeatedly cutting off the plant above ground eventually starves the rootstock and kills it.   Yes, poisons will also work, but they would kill the healthy soil ecology that has developed from so many years of ‘neglect’ by the previous owners.  I’m very thankful that it appears they mostly ignored the property and let it go wild.  Better a wild ground than a chemical-ridden golf course lawn.

My goals for the fields center on pasture farming, but it will take several years to shift the balance of plants and eliminate invasive species.  Our first order of business will be fencing.   We hope to start on that within the next month or two.

Finally, a comment about the post title.  While it hasn’t been raining, our normal evening fog has become all-day fog.  I don’t really think the weather affects my mood, but I am definitely looking forward to a blue sky again.  I suspect my cat is also looking forward to the next sunny day.  I snapped this photo of Jasper bliss during a brief sun break on Tuesday.

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  1. charity says:

    Doesn’t Jasper look cozy!