Brightest … Moon … Ever

Okay, so not really, but tonight’s full moon did promise to be the brightest for 2009.  The moon is one of those things you lose touch with when you live in a city.  It’s still there in the sky, but street lights compete with it for attention and children think “midnight black” is a brownish color.

That all changes when you move to the country. There are no street lights and the sky is actually black. Now, admittedly, we can see the lights of Eugene and Springfield on the horizon, but you don’t really notice them when you are standing at your door in the darkness fiddling for the right key. “On the other side of that door is heat … if the wood stove didn’t go out.”

And so, you become much more in tune to the moon’s cycles I think. If the sky is clear and the moon is full, you can see your own shadow, walk to the barn without tripping over something, and watch deer bound across the field when we let the dog out. And tonight? Tonight I could practically have got a sun tan.

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