Going out on a limb for chickens

I’m getting chickens this spring. I am beyond excited to say the least. I still have to pick my breeds out and am not sure whether to buy them local or order from McMurray Hatchery. If I order from McMurray then I know that I can get some of my exotic breeds that I was looking at. I did have three species picked out but then I got nervous and changed my mind. Guess we shall see what I wind up with.

So you may be wondering what tree limbing has to do with chickens. Well we are going to have the future chicken coop back by the barn in the small fenced in area. And to get ready for this chicken coop we need to limb trees. We are going to have our brother-in-law build us one. And there is NO way I am going to be limbing HUGE limbs on top of my newly built chicken coop.


We had taken down some of the smaller limbs earlier but still had the much bigger ones that had been on the roof of the barn. So they needed to come down anyways. Lee’s brother Greg gave us a 28 foot ladder so that helped us get what we couldn’t reach before with our smaller ladder.

After much begging on my part to let me have my turn Lee finally let me up. Well mostly because I think his arm was falling off from all the sawing. Jessica came out to see us earlier. So when my arm started falling off she got her turn on limb sawing. I wonder if she is going to stop coming over as she always gets to help in what ever we are doing.

The tree limbs were huge so we are going to use them for next years kindling. Gotta put some of the yard debris to good use eh?

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