Mowing, limbing, firewood, rock walls, and bramble removal

Seems like there hasn’t been a whole lot posted this month on progress we have made on the house. That got me thinking about what we have been doing. So here it goes…

Lee has basically gotten all of the logs (two still need chopping) that were dumped by our house chainsawed up. Then most of that he got split and we have already burned it. Needless to say we got another cord delivered and then packed away into the wood shack (formerly know as the trash shack).

More bramble pulling on my part. Oh how I HATE sticker bushes.

I have been working in my future shade  garden area. All the clear weather made me want to do some fun stuff. So I carried all the rocks  I have found around our property to make a small retaining wall. Then I shoveled dirt to raise it to the rock level. As I find more rocks I will add to it. Then I decided to be creative and use the broken out fire brick for another small raised retaining wall. I haven’t back filled that one with dirt or finished it either as I will need the rest of the chimney stack sledge hammered out of our house. I think it will look nice when it is all done and the ultimate in reusing. Otherwise it would be dumped at the, well, dump. And more limbing on the tree by the rock wall.

My dad came over for a week and a half after work and mowed down a lot of our fields. This has been probably the most exciting looking of all that has happened here. Now Edgar can run around and not come in covered in burrs. He used an old Cushman and a mowing deck. That thing went over smaller brambles like it was nothing. I about wept with joy. Lee and I are just amazed at how much better it looks.

I on the other hand did a ton of limbing on all the wild Hazel nut trees so my dad could mow around them. I still haven’t finished them all but now there are SIX burn piles waiting for some fire. My sawing arm is still sore. The effect of the mowed field and somewhat tamed trees makes every seem so much nicer.

Here is a picture of the back field and burn piles everywhere. Anybody want to come for a bonfire or two?

There was one casualty though… dad’s Cushman broke.

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