Weekend Update

Well, the weekend didn’t go quite how we hoped, but at least a few things got done.  We took another load of the former occupant’s trash to the dump.  Yes, we are sadly still working on that.  I believe one more load, or two, should do it.  We also took a half load of their recyclables, and updated the cleanup report page.

Also on Saturday, we went to the Good Earth Home Show at the Lane County Fairgrounds.  It was nice to see companies trying to put up their green side, although I was expecting a few more environmentally friendly home building products for DIYers.  It seemed like a lot of home builders pushing eco-edifices for the wealthy.  However, there were also a lot of small local businesses: CSAs, plant & seed suppliers, herbs, soap, chicken coops, blacksmithing, etc.

On Sunday, Lane County finally lifted the burn restriction so we attempted to burn a couple of the large brush piles that have formed during clean-up.  Unfortunately, the fire was a no-go. It poured down rain last night, so any chance of a clean burn was lost.  Robin says they were just waiting for the weather to change to carry away smoke.  I think they do this sort of thing to mess with us. “Oh look, days of clear dry weather.  Let’s keep a burn restriction in place until the next downpour.”  Nevermind that those fires would be a lot less polluting if they could burn hot and dry.

I’ve been experimenting with a customized theme for the site.  What do you think?  Robin says it is still too plain, and I agree.  I’m just not sure what more to add.  Comments welcome!

We bought another cord of firewood this past week. It arrived cut and split and very dry! Perfect to fight back the chill during these 22°F nights.

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  1. charity says:

    I think the new theme is alright. A little plain, I think I preferred the green color. I do, however, like the field picture you put at the top, it’s a nice addition.

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