Of mice and men…we’re winning…(so far)

We have mice! YUCK. The nasty putrid little vermin had the audacity to poop on my counter. Which then inspired a kitchen disinfection cleanup. So far we have killed three in mouse traps.

It all started with a noise that we heard late one night. It didn’t sound like squirrels so we went and got some mouse traps, baited them with peanut butter, and set them. We checked them the next day and nothing. So we then promptly forgot about them. Then for about three days in a row I started smelling something in the stairway that reminded me of when we moved in and I was cleaning up dead mice and their nests. I finally said something about it to Lee and made him check the traps. Yeah. We had one that had been there for a few days. So he told me to go check the other trap. Ditto. Oh how I hate them. Cute outside but don’t come in please.

Now I have been keeping a close eye on my counters as I knew how many dead mice we found in the house when we moved in. The house had to be alive with their rattlings of them at one time. I had never found so much as a dropping. Then the morning after we found the two dead mice I had two places show up where they pooped on the counter as mentioned above. We checked the traps again and we had one tripped trap and another dead mouse in the other.

So far we haven’t had another dead mouse today and no mouse droppings in the kitchen. I am so grossed out. Why now do they want to move in when the weather is getting warmer?

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