Teetering at tree hights

My Uncle came over to look at our old fruit trees, give us a lesson on tree trimming,  and then trimmed them up for us (Thanks a bunch). Unfortunately the ones we have are in vary bad shape. They will probably be taken out later on. But he did a really good job with what there was to work with and then showed us several times how to not trim a tree. I had to not look and think thoughts about how close the hospital was in case something bad happened.

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4 Responses to Teetering at tree hights

  1. Jessica says:

    LOL….not even I am crazy enough to stand on the top of the ladder. Was Lee turning green just watching?

  2. robin says:

    No Lee was inside working so he didn’t see the ladder incidents.

  3. charity says:

    Yeah pretty sure that step has a warning that says “This is NOT a step” lol.

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