Finally named our puppy

We’ve had “unnamed puppy” for 10 days now, so it was high time that we came up with a name.  Early contenders were Fergie and Jules.  However, I’m (probably) getting a  Ferguson TO-20 tractor and didn’t want my dog named after a tractor.  I liked Jules (as in Jules Verne) or Joules (as in a Watt/Sec) but I was afraid people would think Jewels (ughh!).  I found that multiple sources recommended dog names that are two syllables ending in a long vowel or a soft ‘a’.  This led me to Haiku, which I still like, but Robin hated.  We considered Cedar or Sugi (Japanese for “cedar”).  I found a variety of Gaelic names that I liked, but all of them ended up being similar to (or identical) to people’s names that either Robin or I knew.

For almost 24 hours we settled on Georgi as a name both of us liked.  It’s based on the root name of George, a Greek name meaning “farmer”.  That seems appropriate for a farm dog.  Unfortunately, the next day I noticed the similarity to a certain recent president and instantly soured to the idea …

So, what did we finally name poor unnamed puppy?  Aggie!  It had been on our list almost from the beginning.  It sounds cute but not terribly common (it’s the 1,764th most common name according to an L.A. survey).  Aggie is a shortened form of Agatha, a Greek name meaning “good, honorable”.  Hopefully that describes her!  🙂

Sorry for the lack of pictures.  I take most of the pictures, but I also take out the dog the most.  Cameras and puppies don’t mix well.  We’ll try to rectify that.

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2 Responses to Finally named our puppy

  1. Matt says:

    Congrats on the new puppy! I didn’t know y’all were A&M fans though :-).

  2. lee says:

    A relative had to explain this reference to me. I’m really not a sports buff. Actually, Wikipedia lists 20 different schools who’s alumni carry the nickname of “aggies”. It’s common for Land Grant colleges, i.e. agricultural schools. So hey, you helped me find a path from her name to farms after all. 🙂

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