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The wood that just won’t stop

Here are some of our wood stacks. There is about 4 and a half cords stacked. I am so tired of doing wood. Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is more to go depending on how you want to look at it. … Continue reading

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Our new puppy

We picked up Lee’s new puppy today. She has been really good and not one accident from her. Edgar on the other hand…well lets just say he was the one that had the accident. Lee doesn’t have a name picked … Continue reading

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Starting my veggie garden

It was nice out today so I got all my onion and garlic starts in. My rows look a little drunk but I have no idea what happened. I thought I was putting them in straight. Oh well.

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Outdoor progress, indoor stagnation

When we bought this disaster, Robin said she didn’t want to be somebody with animals and fences and barns but the house still under construction.  Yet, somehow we seem to work on outside projects 10 hours for every 1 hour … Continue reading

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