Ball graveyard

When Lee and I bought this house it came with a ball graveyard. An odd thing to have but kind of funny. The owner said he tried to pile them all in one spot because of them being all over the place. After we started cleaning up the property we added a few more to the pile that we found, threw a few away, and Edgar has recycled a few.

Lee wanted to start clearing out a spot for a compost pile so the ball graveyard got displaced. We will save the ones in the best condition for Edgar to play with and just throw the other ones away. Edgar was a little overwhelmed with so many balls to choose from. Or maybe he was just a little nervous about it since they all seemed to come flying out at him as Lee was moving them.

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4 Responses to Ball graveyard

  1. Lynn says:

    Next time I find an old ball out on our property I’ll send it your way to add to your collection!!

  2. Matt says:

    Wow, cool! Now I’m having visions of them somehow forming into a coherent mass and moving about… hmm… magnets…

  3. robin says:

    Lynn, oh please don’t send any more out :D. We counted the balls and we have 54. Thats not counting all the ones that got thrown away.

    Matt: A ball tango or waltz perhaps? Maybe the big balls eat the small balls like two gangs having a war? Or all the balls chase Edgar around…?

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