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Almost as soon as I had veggie seedlings coming up I noticed that I was getting holes eaten in different leaves. I wasn’t too concerned. Then I kept getting more holes and I kept seeing this bug that looked like a lady bug but was green and was all over the garden. So I did some research and found out that I had an infestation of Spotted Cucumber Beetles. Lets just say that I was NOT happy. We looked at our options for getting rid of them naturally and decided to just battle it out by hand for now. I go through the plants and pick them off squishing them as I go. According to some information we read on them they can reproduce and you can have four different cycles of them go though. I have seen this already as there will be barely any that I will find one day and then the next day I will find a bunch and they are all soft when I squish them. The older ones have an harder squish.

Two of the reasons that we weren’t happy that we had them as a pest were because they can spread plant wilt disease and because they eat almost every thing. Don’t let the name fool you as they have barely touched my cucumbers and have been concentrating on the beans at the moment.

On the bright side, on the left here is a before picture taken on the 13th of this month and then an after picture on the right taken on the 21st of this month. The damage is going down some. My pole beans got hit really bad where some of the leaves got severed off. They are still trying to bounce back. Lee and I were surprised that we got hit so bad with this beetle as there had never been a veggie garden at this house probably in about 20 years or more. So the only thing we can figure out is that someone around here maybe had a problem with them and didn’t take care of it. That or they came from the pumpkin farm about a mile away.

Another funny thing going on in the garden is the tomato size. Some of ours are huge and others not so much. The huge ones got more water, didn’t get sun damaged, or have the deer nibble on them. The small ones have had a harder go of it. Mostly with the sun burned leaves and deer browsing. That little one in the picture really is that little. All the tomatoes were all planted at the same time.

Some of the potatoes have come out in bloom. I didn’t realize that the blooms could be so pretty. I was expecting something smaller and uninteresting.

My cucumbers are up and this is the first time that I have ever direct sown them. Thankfully the Cucumber Beetles have been ignoring them so far.

Lastly here is my pumpkin. I’m so excited about growing one as I never had before.

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3 Responses to Garden update

  1. Lynn says:

    How is the fight against the Spotted Cucumber Beetles coming? You know, we had some of those on our beans, too! Not alot, but a few. We used Diatomaceous Earth, which you guys recommended (Thank you, by the way!!), and it did the trick for us. Only problem is that every time it rains we have to apply more…

  2. robin says:

    Hey I’m glad that DE worked for you. We were using it but weren’t seeing much in the lessening of the bugs. Thats when I switched over to just picking the cucumber beetles off by hand. There is less destruction but I’m constantly finding the beetles every day. When they started munching on my tender lettuce sprouts I had it. So we went to our local organic gardening store here and got a product called Take Down Garden Spray. The active ingredient is pyrethrin, a naturally derived botanical insecticide. Within 24 hours the product will break down so you don’t get long protection but it can help knock out the beetles. We also got predatory nematodes which will kill the larva stage of the cucumber beetle. I haven’t used either product yet as things keep getting in the way, but come the next couple days I will apply both and see what happens.

  3. Lynn says:

    Please keep me informed… I’m always trying to improve the garden & get rid of those pesky bugs, now I just need to get out there & weed it!

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