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Salad anyone?

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Pulling high tensile woven wire

With the smooth wire up we were ready to start putting up the high tensile woven wire. We chose high tensile woven over conventional soft metal fencing because it is stronger, more resistant to damage, and better coated against rust. … Continue reading

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Pulling smooth wire

With the H-braces completed we were ready to go on to the next step, pulling the top three wires of the garden fence. This process was pretty easy. Starting out, Lee marked with chalk where each of the wires would … Continue reading

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Garden update

Almost as soon as I had veggie seedlings coming up I noticed that I was getting holes eaten in different leaves. I wasn’t too concerned. Then I kept getting more holes and I kept seeing this bug that looked like … Continue reading

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Building an H-Brace

The strength of our fence comes from H-braces, an assembly of three posts and a wire which creates a strong resistance to the lateral force of the fence.  This is important, because each strand of smooth wire transmits about 150 … Continue reading

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Black Sheep Gathering

Today Lee and I along with my sister Jessica went to the Black Sheep Gathering. The purpose of going was to scoop out different sheep breeds that we might be interested in once we get our fences up. Well it … Continue reading

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Chicks Update: Day 50

The chicks keep getting bigger. We got some scratch corn for them so they would view us coming around them as “treat time”. Now all the chicks love it when I come into the coop and most come running. Then … Continue reading

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Our first snack from the garden

We got our first produce from the garden today. Okay so maybe I was just thinning out the lettuce row, but it still counts right?

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Garden fence is going up

So what have we been doing the last week and a half? Figuring out how to put in a high tensile garden fence. We were supposed to have this all done in the week that Lee had off work but … Continue reading

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