Blanching Romano Purpiat beans

Yup, they really are that color of purple. When you bite into them you forget that your bean “should” be green. They have a nice juicy flavor that Lee and I really like. Besides they are green inside.

Much to my surprise I saw that I was behind in gathering my garden produce. This evening I went and picked one row of my beans. Since my canner isn’t coming in the mail until Friday, I decided to freeze them. The beans have the same sort of enzyme and bacteria that is in other vegetable. So to preserve the color, texture, and nutrients, I needed to blanch before freezing. I blanched for three minutes instead of two for the reason of my pieces being bigger. Then I cooled the beans off in cold water and into the freezer containers they went.

In case you can’t get over having your beans purple just cook them. After being blanched for three minutes this is what they look like.

Five and one half quarts of frozen beans later and still two more bean rows to pick. I think I may soon get tired of snapping beans.

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2 Responses to Blanching Romano Purpiat beans

  1. charity says:

    They are like hypercolor beans! They turn colors, weird, I;ve never seen any like that. I will have to bring Layla over to eat some of your beans, she loves them.

    • robin says:

      Yeah, they are pretty neat and tasty too. I need to pick more so bring Layla over anytime. Hmmm, maybe when it’s cooler and you actually want to go outside. ­čÖé

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