I harvested my first broccoli today and look forward to more in the coming weeks. Yummy. You are supposed to cut the flower head off at an angle so rainwater doesn’t collect and lead to rot or disease. Also, leave all the true leaves behind, because most plants will produce side shoots that rival or surpass the central head in quantity.

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  1. Lynn says:

    You both have become such expert gardeners! Is there any vegtable you haven’t planted? You have it all! We’ve already decided next year our garden is going to be bigger, much bigger! It’s only approx 30 x 10 ft now. But weeding is not fun…

  2. robin says:

    No we are so novice when it comes to gardening. While Lee and I both grew up with parents that veggie gardened we didn’t really pay attention to how it was done. This is the fifth year we have had any type of veggie garden going. The first year I think all we had was a tomato plant.

    The second year we went from the lonely tomato and added corn (which failed), sunflowers, bush beans(which got assassinated by pill bugs), radishes, and carrots (which failed).

    The third year after that we had tomatoes, corn (which failed), sunflowers, radishes, a pepper plant(did so so), carrots (which failed), onion (which failed), and cucumbers. This was done all very small at our place in Arizona. We were probably the only people in our little HOA (Home Owners Association((evil)) community growing any sort of veggie.

    The fourth year we added lettuce, (not sure how my corn turned out as we moved that year), broccoli, artichoke, basil, potato, zucchini, and yellow squash to the above mentioned list.

    This is the fifth year we have tried veggie gardening (it gets in your blood) and I have never grown a good many of the things we are trying to now. Kale, garlic, cabbage, pumpkins, beets, onions, runner beans, collards, turnips, melons, chard, and buckwheat are all new to me. I never got my spinach, basil (from seed, I also bought two starts), epazote, amaranth, and dill fernleaf to come up. Some of my other plants aren’t doing as well while others are doing very good. It’s all a happy learning experiment.

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