Dandelion wine: Part 3

I finally racked (siphoned) my dandelion wine off the lees (gunk at the bottom of the carboy) and into a clean new carboy. It has been 2 and a half months since I prepared the wine in two posts. Racking once a month would be better. Past 3 months, and the wine can pick up off flavors from the lees. I didn’t have anything to siphon with until now (I just bought a beer brewing kit), so I let it go a little long. The smell during racking was alcoholic and fruity. A have a glass of the dregs settling in the fridge to taste.

Sorry for the lack of picture, but it basically looks the same as before. It’s less cloudy, but not clear. I finally found my Back Home magazine issue in storage with the dandelion recipe I originally wanted to follow. The author suggests racking every 2 weeks, and start drinking at 6 weeks. He also doesn’t separate the petals from the flower heads. Otherwise, the recipe is very similar. I’ll try it next year and see how it compares.

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