Machete wielding euphoria

This last week we have been doing a lot of clean up around the house. Lee decided that he wanted to start working on the mess where the new fence is going in near the house. I kept telling him to stop making messes as we are supposed to be making the place look better not worse.

Lee had actually started to clean on this mess a while back. You can tell because the grass is still very green in this picture.

He got this Hazel nut tree most of the way out. Nether one of us really wanted to start working on the sticker bushes that were way over our heads. So we didn’t do anything more to the area and went on to putting up the garden fence.

So here we are over a month later and I still don’t want to work on it. However, Lee likes to procrastinate clean up chores by doing other unrelated clean up chores.

Out comes the machete that we inherited from the house clean up. This is another tool that men find exciting. I’m thinking that it has something to do with swinging a big knife around creating havoc as they picture themselves in a jungle action movie. The only thing probably tying Lee to reality is the safety glasses. (Lee: In my defense, it was a Middle Ages action movie.) You can see by the picture how high the sticker bushes are as they are way over Lee’s head. The sticker bushes were weighing down all the small trees in the area and had most of them bent over.

Back in the same general area there is an old broken boat. My niece had fun playing in it as I think it was used as a sand box at one time. Except I could only find the merest hint of sand even though there were a lot of left over broken sand toys in the boat. I would actually like to see if there was some way the boat could be made more sturdy so it could be reused as a sand box. I will have to have Lee look at it closer to see if it could be saved.

Near the boat was a big tangled mess of chicken wire. It had been left out and trees and brush had started to grow through it all. Lee was not happy and you could hear him muttering about the previous tenants that had lived here. After the big struggle of getting that out it looked as if it were a complete roll of chicken wire that was mostly unrolled. I’m not sure that I knew that the chicken wire was even back there. Lee saw it when he was removing the existing fencing so he could get back to the sticker bush mess.

So what does it look like now? Still a mess but at least it’s progress. Lee wants to put in a compost station back there when he gets everything cleaned up.

On the bright side he has almost broken through the sticker wall so you can see out into the back field. It will be very nice and different when it is all cleaned up and you can see through. It will probably make the yard seem bigger.

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2 Responses to Machete wielding euphoria

  1. Lynn says:

    This looks soooo familar!! We even have an old sailboat that we found covered in vines & sticker bushes that we want to uncover one day!! What kind of tree is Lee working under in the second to the last pic? It looks like a big weeping pine tree??

  2. robin says:

    Nope, not a weeping pine. It is just a regular ol’ Douglas Fir. How funny that you have a lost boat too. I have to say that a sail boat sounds much more neat then the dinky one we have.

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