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Robin has been unhappy with my thrown-together theme since we started this website. However, as documented here on a regular basis, other things tend to take priority. I finally found motivation to work on a personalized theme for a few evenings, and the result was installed tonight. Feel free to post comments. I haven’t thoroughly tested this layout with Internet Exploder and other browsers. We only use Firefox at our house.

Special thanks to charfade for the grass brush set used in several places and to redheadstock for the vector foliage brush set where I lifted the vine detail. I lack the talent or experience to create these brush effects from scratch in any reasonable amount of time. Finally, a big thanks to the developers of Gimp, the great opensource image editor.

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2 Responses to New blog theme

  1. Lynn says:

    Love the new theme – it’s suble, yet classy! It adds pizzazz & makes your blog unique! I’m always wanting to update my blog look, but I know what you mean – it’s tough to find the time!

    • lee says:

      Thanks for the complements. Way back in the dark ages of the web (2000) I designed a couple business web sites. Today you have to have graphic arts talent to survive in that trade. We probably won’t make a lot of changes to the theme going forward, other than changing the banner image with our whim and fixing coding/usability problems.

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