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Hazel nut cleanup in the future chicken pen

There was a small grove of wild Hazel nut trees in the future chicken pen. These wouldn’t normally be on the top of our list for cutting down, but they interfered with our planned chicken fence line and needed to … Continue reading

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Garden update

As I was wandering around out in my garden I had to stop and take a another look at my turnip patch. I hadn’t looked at them for a while and my jaw about dropped. Since it seems so big … Continue reading

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Starting food storage

We are gearing up for food storage and preserving. On a trip to our local Bi-Mart we noticed they had sales running on canning jars and plastic freezer containers. So we bought 36 quart and 10 pint sized storage containers. … Continue reading

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More random fungi

We have a lot of fungi that pops up here and there. I think I need to get a book so I can start identifying whether I have psychedelic mushrooms, drop you dead mushrooms, or just plain delicious mushrooms.

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Using recycled rocks and masonry

This spring I got busy and did some tentative shaping of my future flower garden. When we smashed out the second story chimney we had a lot of old chimney blocks. We threw most of them away before I got … Continue reading

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Timber! Take two

We needed another tree taken out before we continued on the chicken fencing project. When we had the previous tree in that area removed we didn’t realize that there was a second tree dying. This particular tree had a split … Continue reading

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My garlic is causing me to do some head scratching as I’m not sure when it is ready to harvest. Usually you would be planting it in October in the Northwest the year before. Unfortunately I didn’t put in any … Continue reading

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I harvested my first broccoli today and look forward to more in the coming weeks. Yummy. You are supposed to cut the flower head off at an angle so rainwater doesn’t collect and lead to rot or disease. Also, leave … Continue reading

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Where is it all coming from?

I keep thinking that we have cleaned up most of the trash around the place. After this week of sprucing up we somehow managed to fill Lee’s truck bed up all the way with trash and metal recyclables. Most of … Continue reading

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Ugly comes knocking

Lee said he heard something thumping on the window that sounded like a small bird. When he checked outside with a flashlight there was this enormous bug on the window sill trying to get in. It had wings also, but … Continue reading

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