Pickled kohlrabi

I had some kohlrabi growing in my garden that I needed to use. I was dying to try pickling them but had a hard time finding recipes online. Well, there was one recipe, but it was copied in so many places that it made me mad. There had to be more than one pickled kohlrabi recipe out there for me to chose from. I finally found one by searching for Kohlrabi in the book The Joy of Pickling by Linda Ziedrich. I think that I am actually going to buy the book, as I was pretty impressed after looking through the table of contents on Amazon.

According to the recipe (page 263), it will be ready to eat in a day or two and will keep for three weeks. I can hardly wait to try it. There is enough kohlrabi to make one more pickled quart jar recipe. So if its good I may try another batch.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Would you be willing to share the Pickled Kohlrabi recipe? I have Kohlrabi that needs to be used within the next 24-36 hours but I won’t have the book by then. Thank you for guiding me to the The Joy of Pickling!

  2. lee says:

    Hi Nancy,

    We originally found this book via Google book search. If you follow this link it may take you directly to the recipe in a free preview on Google books.

    We actually tried two recipes for pickled kohlrabi. The other is this one, which somebody has reposted everywhere. The online recipe has strong flavors of dill and garlic (Robin added a bit extra) and didn’t last a week in our house. We’ll definitely make it again. The recipe from The Joy of Pickling has lemon flavors dominating. If we make it again, I’d cut back the lemon quite a lot. It’s all a personal preference of course.

    Update 09/01/2011: The other pickled Kohlrabi recipe which was copied everywhere online back in 2009 appears to be missing now. I’ve removed the defunct link above.

  3. Nancy says:

    I clicked on The Joy of Pickling link above but received a message that stated ‘the page is either unavailable or I have reached my viewing limit for this book. Any suggestions?

    • lee says:

      Google book previews seem to be based on how many pages you’ve viewed and are not just a fixed subset of the book. Logging out of any Google accounts and clearing your browser cookies might convince the site to show you additional pages.

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