Timber! Take two

We needed another tree taken out before we continued on the chicken fencing project. When we had the previous tree in that area removed we didn’t realize that there was a second tree dying. This particular tree had a split about 25 feet up the side of it. The core of the Cedar tree was dead with some rotting in the middle like the last tree.

I had fully envisioned that when this tree was taken down it was going to take out the well head, which was in its path. Lee went and put a log chunk by the pump house to act as a buffer in case the tree fell there. Luckily the tree didn’t land on it when it went down. BUT, after the tree fell down it then rolled over on it. Thankfully all the damage that happened was the roof came off the poorly built pump house.

Here is a picture of the tree line in question. The red lines show where the two trees came out. Removing this new tree seems to have made the whole area brighter still. The green lines show where the three remaining healthy trees are. I’m not sure why all the Cedar trees were planted so close originally, as it makes it harder on the trees. With all the new light it should make the remaining trees happier. The white building on the far left is the back corner of our house. The building in the middle in between the first green and red lines is the wood shack. So the tree was somewhat close to important things. Even better was that when it came down it didn’t take out the stacked wood piles that we had. It couldn’t have gone smoother.

In just a few hours between the tree being cut down to when Lee went out to start clearing up the limbs, we had spiders making webs every where. Here is one of them.

Lastly, I have to put in the action man shot. It’s kind of blurry as my battery was trying to die but oh well.

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4 Responses to Timber! Take two

  1. Lynn says:

    That was a big cedar tree. We have alot of them, too. Did you know that the early settlers used to plant cedars & cypress trees in cemeteries? We have a historic family cemetery on the property which has a few cedars, and rumor has it there’s many more unmarked gravesites on our property. So when I see several cedars that appear to be planted, I always wonder if one day, long, long ago, there was a family cemetery there or nearby…

    Anyway, you’re doing a great job clearing the land for the chicken fence! The chickens will appreciate it!

    And I love the action man shot, Robin! I need to take some pics like that of my husband & nephew while they’re out working!

  2. robin says:

    That is interesting about the trees. So with your property when you decide to plow a field do you just re-bury any bones that pop up? “Honey can you take care of this old skull for me…,” I can see it now.

    One of our neighbors said that there was an old lady who lived in our house that was the original owner. When she got very old her family had to put her into a care place (or took care of her I can’t remember) and put the house up for sale. The next owner had it for 20 years or so before we bought it. I’m pretty sure no one is buried here. We do have a few planted Cedar trees and Douglas Firs around. Most of them are around the house and are planted in rows as a wind/privacy breaks I am guessing.

  3. Lynn says:

    Lol! So far we haven’t plowed anything other than our little garden, and no bones were found there!! It would be kind of freaky if we did find a skull…I’ll definitely let you know if we do!!!

    So it was the second owner of your house who left all the trash & junk & misc stuff around your property?

  4. robin says:

    Yes it was the second owners ex-wife and new husband. They liked to buy storage units that were being auctioned off and go garage sale shopping. I personally think that they were hoarders. Otherwise I am at a loss on how to explain the mess we had to clean up.

    We were told that the original older lady that had lived in the house was a librarian. The whole house was filled with bookcases at that time. Most of the ugly updating that happened was around the time it was sold we are thinking. We found a date on the window in the poorly updated bathroom and it says 1986.

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