Chicken Update: Day 112

In about a month and a half we should start seeing eggs. We still can’t figure out if we have any roosters. I had resigned myself to all hens (I wanted at least one boy) because they all look the same. Now I have one Rhode Island Red and one Barred Rock that are very advanced in their comb growth and color. Their tails still look like the other hens. So they are either advanced or maybe roosters. None of them have ever tried crowing yet. Here is an example of two Barred Rocks combs and wattles.

Elwood on the other hand is just her same goofy looking self. For a chicken that was terrified of leaving the coop she sure has changed. Elwood comes charging out with the other ones when the door gets opened. Never the last one out anymore. Today she has started making funny noises that sounds rather like a barking dog. So either she is trying to be a rooster or there is something very wrong with her. Hopefully she will still be alive tomorrow.

One thing that I didn’t realize was that chickens eat a lot of vegetation. After we started letting them out everyday in the small temporary fence, they had eaten almost everything green. Now it is just a bare lot. Now everyday I go out to the garden and pull a bolted lettuce head up along with some kale to toss into the pen. They absolutely LOVE the kale and will strip every leaf off the plant and leave the stems. The lettuce they don’t like as much but still nibble on it.

After the big chicken pen is completed they should have fun eating the rest of the vegetation. Once we get our entire property fenced, we will move them around more so they can’t eat everything to a bare lot. All the greenery they will eat along with the bugs that they will keep down will just go to making a much better tasting egg.

All of the chickens mouths are hanging open as its almost 100 degrees outside. Poor little hens.

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  1. Jessica says:

    That pic of Elwood is hilarious. She looks like a cartoon caracter!

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