House improvements

These next two weeks or so we will be having some home improvements done. We are getting a new roof along with shoring up some structural issues. Lee and I are excited beyond belief–then we will be poor beyond belief. The last couple of days have been spent prepping for the upcoming activities.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Oh wow – this is so exciting! What kind of roof? We also badly need a new roof…. maybe one day we’ll get it!

    I know what you mean about paying for all the home improvements – it can be a drag. šŸ™ We now have to pay for our windows before we do too much else. Luckily we got an excellent deal šŸ™‚

  2. lee says:

    We have been really really set on standing seam metal for the last year, so it was a pretty major shift for us recently that we decided to go with a composite (asphalt shingle) roof.

    Pros for metal: cooler in the summer due to reflected heat, durable, made from recycled material, can be recycled at end of life, sheds debris better than shingles (lots of tall trees), lighter in weight, and a unique look.

    Cons for metal: more expensive to buy and install, subject to oil canning (a hard-to-control aesthetic issue), all concealed metal-fastener roofs still depend on exposed fasteners at key points like trimwork (exposed fasteners are subject to much faster break-down), difficult to modify later (such as to add a plumbing stack or skylight tube), doesn’t look much like wood shakes.

    Ultimately, the cost, modification problems, and exposed fasteners pushed us to a composite roof. I still hope to have a metal roof some day, but not on this house. The singles we decided to use come with a “lifetime” warranty like most metal roofs.

  3. Lynn says:

    I checked out the shingles you are going to get – they are absolutely gorgeous! Are you going with the desert tan color? I really think shingles look nicer than a metal roof, but I have much more experience with them. We have a metal roof now, and when we replace it we will most likely get another metal roof to keep the same look, but who knows, we may change our minds when the time comes.

  4. robin says:

    No, we are going with the Driftwood color. At least so far we are. One thing that we have found out about all these house improvements is that we are always changing our minds. Seems like you figure out something and then you find something that will work better, or price comes in to play, or living in the house makes you redecide what works better, or you find a better product, or the product you were set on you find flaws with….

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