Progress on the future chicken pen: Part 3

We finished installing the woven wire in the new chicken pen, but first I have some pictures of the brace wires. This first picture shows the only instance where we installed two brace wires in an X pattern. One wire resists the pull of the fence and the other wire supports the weight of the gate. They were installed crossed in one direction and in line in the other to avoid the hot wire that will terminate at the gate post.

This is what it looks like from afar.

This second picture shows what most of the brace wires look like. They were also crossed (keeping them to the center of the brace) to avoid the hot wire as it turns the corner.

The starting and ending posts have brace wires that are not crossed. Since the hot wire terminates at these posts (at the center), this keeps the brace wires to the outside to avoid contact.

The entire chicken lot fence is now stretched and is waiting for the gate and hot wires to be installed.

And this lovely little instrument is a fence stretcher. Lee finally went and bought one after using our homemade one. It makes the whole fence stretching process so much easier. At least it does when you use it right. This picture actually shows us using it wrong as the wedges are supposed to be facing out instead of to the side. There wasn’t any instructions included in the box but when we contacted Premier they straighted it out for us. They have such awesome customer service! Tools work much better when used right.

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