Dried beans

I am experimenting for the first time on saving bean seeds. I let the bean pods dry out on the plant. When the bean pods felt really hard I picked them off. Here is a picture of the dried Bingo bean pods. It’s really exciting splitting them open and seeing the dried beans in them.

It really makes sense to save your bean seed for next years planting since most legume species rarely cross. I am going to try and save seed from some plants that my mom gave me to try out.

Dragon’s Tongue beans. Aren’t they beautiful?

Jacob’s Cattle Gasless beans. For some reason these beans really produced a lot of seed.

Bingo beans. I just shelled these ones today. I will let them set out for a few days to finish drying all the way.

Lima beans. I barely got any pods that set on this year. That was most likely due to the hot weather. I probably won’t save any seed from them as there isn’t enough and I don’t really like lima beans.

To make sure that I don’t have a problem with bean weevils, I will put the seed into the freezer for a few days. I figure if it all works well I will be money ahead not having to purchase my bean seed next year. If it doesn’t, then no big deal as I was buying my bean seed every year anyways. Might as well try it.

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7 Responses to Dried beans

  1. Leigh says:

    What beautiful bean seeds you’re saving! Please do report on which ones you all like the best. Good idea about th efreezing them too. I’ll have to try that with the Kentucky Wonder seeds I’ll save this year.

  2. charity says:

    I can’t believe you planted lima beans! Maybe you should cook a big pot of lima beans and ham, cuz I know that is your FAVORITE! ­čśë

  3. robin says:

    BLECK! No thank you. I was only growing the Lima’s because mom gave them to me. Maybe you would like them instead Cherry…

    Leigh-I know for sure that I really liked the Dragon’s Tongue (multi purpose bush bean) fresh. The funny thing is I have never eaten any of these beans dried. So I don’t know how I will like that aspect of them. I am going to try and save some of our Romano Purpiat (bush bean) beans as we really liked them fresh. We hated the Renegade bean so I won’t be saving any seed from that variety. I hope the saving seed works out well as I would like to start doing that more. It will be neat to see next year whether I can get any of them to grow again.

  4. charity says:

    I think I was about the only one of us kids that liked lima beans growing up. Now I don’t care for them all that much, but I must admit it’s probably been more than five or six years since I tried any. What are you going to do with them?

  5. robin says:

    Well, seeing as I only have three lima bean seeds at the moment, not a whole lot. I guess just look at them and think about how pretty they are. Maybe Layla would like three lima bean seeds?

  6. charity says:

    Hey there is FOUR lima beans in your picture. Did you eat one? I am sure Layla would try it, she likes beans.

  7. robin says:

    Oh I forgot about that. Well I only kept three lima beans because one looked a little weird like something was wrong with it. It was the far left bean in the picture. I bet Layla would enjoy a glue and bean craft project. Maybe we should figure something out for her to do with extra beans…:)

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