Home improvements

Home improvements continue. I am sleeping at my sisters while this goes on. Lee is sleeping on the couch so he can keep an eye on the dogs and the house.

The dump bin is just going to get fuller. Right now it mainly has old insulation in it. We plan on upgrading that along with insulating the entire house. Only the 1980s remodeled part had any insulation installed. The rest was uninsulated tongue and groove or plywood walls.

Wood scrap that will be re-used in the house or cut to size and used as fire starter.

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4 Responses to Home improvements

  1. Leigh says:

    Hi. I found your blog while googling bracing posts. I looked around and liked what I saw. I read your “about” page and have to tell you that your experience sounds a lot like ours, just in different parts of the country.

  2. Lynn says:

    Hi Robin – So you don’t have much insulation in your home, either? Our house has none! In the winter it’s COLDDDD! You reminded us that we also wanted to at least get started insulating the house before the bitter freezing cold hit, but summer chores kept us busy, and I think we refused to believe that winter could be around the corner. Good luck with getting this project done quickly so you can move back home!! ~Lynn

    • robin says:

      Boy I’m sure not looking forward to the cold weather. Your house has to be so cold since we get milder winters over here. I keep forgetting that we are in September now. Maybe I am just trying not to think about it….

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