Sunflower seeds

My sunflowers had finished flowering a while ago. After each sunflower leaves had turned yellow and dead I cut the head off it. So far I have four heads cut and drying. I didn’t want to leave them out in the garden as I was afraid the birds and squirrels would harvest the seeds before I could get to them. Funny thing is, no animal has tried harvesting them yet. This is the first time I have ever got a sunflower head full of seeds. I am feeling very shocked.

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3 Responses to Sunflower seeds

  1. Lynn says:

    The sunflowers are beautiful, Robin! I was just thinking yesterday as I looked at sunflowers down the street from my house, that maybe next year I’ll plant them. I can only hope mine will do as well as yours did this year! What type of sunflowers are those in the picture?

  2. Leigh says:

    Another great photo. I was surprised the birds didn’t find mine. Hopefully my sunflower photos will look as good as yours does.

  3. robin says:

    Lynn- I grew the snack mix variety. My sunflower heads still are drying but I have been nibbling on a few of the seeds already. Tastes just like raw sunflower seeds. I want to make them salty and cooked so I am going to have to find a recipe for that. One thing that I have noticed is that some of the sunflower seeds don’t have a seed in them. I am assuming that the bees didn’t get to all of them in time possibly. Though I saw bees all over the heads when they were blooming. Scratching my head somewhat on that one.

    Leigh- Hopefully the birds ignore yours and gorge themselves on something else not in your garden. ­čÖé

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