Underlayment flooring

Lee started laying down the underlayment flooring in one of the upstairs bedrooms. We are using 1/2″ CDX plywood. We plan on having wood floors so we needed to use plywood instead of OSB because of its superior nail holding capability. Putting down the underlayment also is going to make the upstairs floor stiffer. We are using glue and screws to help prevent squeaks.

We originally were going to use a product called DAP Subfloor 7000 (because it had low VOC emissions) under the CDX. We must have gotten a bad batch of it at the store because it was rubbery and non adhering. So we brought it back to the store and ended up going with PL Premium. Its a polyurethane adhesive which is basically not suppose to off gas. It seems to have better performance in every way compared to the other product. It also had less warnings (like brain damage) on it compared to the DAP. So far Lee seems pretty pleased with it.

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4 Responses to Underlayment flooring

  1. Lynn says:

    Oh, your house is coming along!!! Floors & windows, ceilings & roof…almost done!!

  2. Leigh says:

    Brain damage? Yikes. I’ve heard of gassing off in regards to floors, but not in this aspect (but then I’m not a builder.) It’ seems that cheap rug pads will do the same thing on hardwood floors with the end result of ruining the finish.

  3. Val says:

    PL Premium is the adhesive you want for everything that you never want to remove. It is terrific and we have used it plenty as we have been renovating from one end of the house to the other for 10 years now. We are on the last room finally…and PL Premium has been with us every step of the way.

  4. lee says:

    Lynn – Ha ha! I think this requires a very loose definition of the word “almost”. ­čÖé

    Leigh – Yes, the construction adhesives are nasty stuff. Even with the low VOC stuff we were trying to use, the headache-inducing smell permeates the whole house, regardless of how many windows you have open. I believe the DAP tube said something like: overexposure can lead to loss of memory, loss of intellectual ability, and loss of coordination. The PL Premium product by comparison has very little smell, although the tube has stern warnings about not getting it on your skin.

    Val – Nice to hear a good report about it. I certainly hope to avoid needing to separate anything I bond with it. I forgot a tube on the caulk gun the first night, and it required tin snips and chisel to free it.

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