Dissecting trash picked up on our property

A little over a week ago I mentioned that the ground was disgorging trash again. Since today was pretty nice, I went around with my bucket and picked up trash until my back got tired. There are a few things that I always seem to find when I do this. So, I thought it would be funny to dissect for you the set of items I always seem to pick up.

When we bought our place we had piles of trash to contend with. While almost all of that is gone we are still finding lots of small things that work their way up to the surface. Eeks, I am making myself shudder just looking at that picture. I forget sometimes how much trash we have hauled off this place.
Trash heaps

Here is a shot of the bucket with everything that I picked up today. I took most everything out of it for the pictures. Yes, you read that right. I picked it up, and then put it back on the ground. (Then picked it up again.)

It is a given that I will find a handful of match box cars. I found 4 1/2 this time. I will find at least one kind of ball (if not more, remember the ball grave yard?). This time it was a tennis ball. Along with that I will find random sorts of small happy meal toys, Disney toys, and other miscellaneous ones. There is always a funny/odd sort of find that I will pick up. One of todays was a pocket knife.

There will also be a pile of roofing pieces in my trash bucket. These seem to be scattered all around as I will find them back in the chicken pen, by the house, and around the shack.

Probably the bulk of what I pick up will be pieces of candy wrappers, shreds of rotting plastic tarps (that were used in covering the previous tenant’s stuff), broken hard shards of plastic, and various other plastic things. In the left of the picture you will see some Lego’s. We find those scattered everywhere. Another odd find for the day was a syringe. That is in the upper right of the picture.

Finally, there will be a few random metal objects. Not too much on that front, as most if it seems to be plastic bits. So there you go! You have now seen into the bucket of trash. Give it a couple of months and I will have new things that will have been uncovered. Then a trash treasure hunt will commence again.

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4 Responses to Dissecting trash picked up on our property

  1. Lynn says:

    You are motivating me to go trashing picking again! I’ve been waiting for warmer weather… It’s 35 out there right now, so not today! The trash is out there, everywhere, tons of it! I always seem to finds lots of glass and plastic bottles and soda cans, as it the property was once a recycling area. Who knows… Maybe the former people just drank alot.

  2. Benita says:

    Holy Cow! Are you on an old landfill or something? Or were the previous people just plain nuts?

    Gee, when I pick up trash out of the yard, it’s usually rocks or sticks – nothing as colorful as you get. You ought to host a scavenger hunt on your property and get help with this. Prizes could be awarded for the most match-boxes, the most Happy-meal toys, the oddest object, etc. ­čÖé

  3. robin says:

    Lynn, it took me awhile to get around to picking up that trash. It was either too cold or too rainy or I wasn’t feeling like it…..:)

    Benita, no we aren’t on an old landfill. The people that lived here before we bought the place would go buy storage units of stuff that went up to auction. They never seemed to get rid of anything that they didn’t manage to resell at their garage sales. I personally think they had some hoarder issues along with just not being the cleanest. We had a lot of help when we first bought the house cleaning up the massive amounts of stuff. That is documented way back in the first few months of the blog. You can look at the Cleanup Report on the main page which talks about the amount of stuff gotten rid off, recycled, and Goodwilled. It’s fairly accurate though I am sure we have missed counting some stuff.

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