We are slowly getting back into our normal routine after this last month. I decided I would write up a post on some random things going on around our house. Nothing too earth shaking.

First off, Jack is going in to the cat shop to get spayed this Thursday. No baby Jacks for us. She spends all her time sleeping in the house, which explains the next picture two pictures.

Since Jack likes spending long lazy days in the house the gophers are declaring war on us. I find it somewhat humorous. She was our only hope on the vermin front, as Lee’s cat Jasper is nonchalant about mice.

It’s about time for me to go around our property again with a bucket as the ground is disgorging trash. I swear it seems to just pop up out of the ground from a place you would be positive that nothing was there before. What bothers me the most is I am always finding broken bits of glass that work it’s way up. I’m assuming that it will be a few years before we find it all.

Today while walking around I discovered an airplane crash and a car wreck. Car wrecks seem to abound here. There have probably been over a hundred on our property.

We are using our wood supply faster then what Lee thought we would. He thought that we would have oak left over for next year but we are thinking that’s not likely. The really cold temps that we got combined with our leaky house made it so we just tore though it.

My Aunt gave me some starts from all her fancy iris’s. They sat on my porch for three months in the summer before I got them planted. I will have to transplant them later to a more sunny spot but I don’t have an area ready for them yet. I was pleased to see that even after all the abuse I gave them they are starting to sprout.

My garlic that I planted this fall seems to be doing well. I hadn’t looked at it for a couple months and a lot more had come up and grown taller. I am very pleased with that as Lee and I LOVE garlic.

When I was walking though the veggie garden I noticed a few of these plants. How they got there I have no idea, as they are growing in the part that got tilled last summer. I think they may be lambs ear, but I am not sure.

Our back fields are still looking like winter is on. Lee needs to mow them so the low growing blackberry brambles are scalped again.

And lastly, when we went to Bend in December we stopped by the Bend Bungalow store and came back with two tiles. The tiles are going to be a focal point in the new bathroom. It will also help decide the colors that will go into the bathroom so they will complement each other. Guess you might as well make something around a piece you like rather then trying to fit things in that you don’t really just because they happen to match. The tiles are adapted from the block print of artist Yoshiko Yamamoto.

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6 Responses to Random

  1. Leigh says:

    Very nice to see around your place. Too bad about the gophers and I hope Jack helps take care of that problem. Rascal is doing his share of mousing around our place. The plant looks like mullein. It is a medicinal herb and so I would keep it. Lovely to see the irises coming up too.

  2. robin says:

    Boy, we need a Rascal around here. The back fields are even worse with gopher holes. Thanks for an ID on the plant. I am really bad at that sort of thing.

  3. Lynn says:

    That is awful that Jack isn’t taking care of the gophers! Our 2 housecats are constantly hunting – sometimes they hunt in one area for several days. It seems like they hardly move a muscle when they hunt – they just stand there motionless, waiting for the mouse (or whatever it is they are hunting) to appear. They just swear some critter is there, and they are going to wait it out.

    I know what you mean about trash – we have SO MUCH trash appearing, too! I keep thinking that I need to go spend a day picking up trash again, but there’s so many things on my to-do list, and it’s COLD outside! So that chore has been delayed, maybe until the days get warmer here in Maryland.

    My mother gave me many iris bulbs last summer, and I didn’t plant them for months. I finally got them planted just before it got too cold here. I can’t believe your are starting to grow already! Is it getting warm there in OR?

    Can’t wait to hear about the bathroom renovation as you work on it!!!

  4. Rachael says:

    I like the block-print-inspired tile. Block print is really cool. Roxanne took a class on it while she was in college, I think. I guess it’s very time-consuming. I wonder which one’s faster- the block print or tile?

  5. lee says:

    Lynn – Not really warmer (nights getting down near freezing still), but I think the iris here are on an earlier schedule. Where I grew up, one of our neighbors had used a corner of our property to dump his trash (before my parents owned the place) and during my 20 years there we never stopped picking up bits of glass and metal that came to the surface. I suspect we’ll be picking up matchbox cars around here just as long. ­čÖé

    Rachael – Thanks. I like them a lot too. I want to build a tiled shower stall and the decorative tiles will be a center piece. It at least sets a color scheme for us. Not sure what the other patterns in the shower will be. The sales people said the tiles were originally limited run ink block prints. When the artist ran out of those, Motawi Tileworks approached her about doing some ceramics based on the same designs. I would assume the process would be quite different to create them, even though the effect seems quite similar.

  6. Andrea says:

    I know this is really late, but what you’re probably seeing is called “frost heave”. The freezing and thawing of the ground pushes things up. It’s a pain for archaeologists too.

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