Jack and Jasper

I don’t seem to take pictures of our cats very much. Lee and I were out working on the front porch and the cats were keeping an eye on us. Since I had my camera handy I figured I would keep an eye on them instead.

Jack had been forcibly ejected from our bed a little bit earlier. So she is still feeling thoughts of hopefulness in these pictures about her chances of reentry of the house for some more snoozing. You can really notice her bum eye in these pictures. Her butt is growing to amazing proportions due to her biscuit addiction and her strict exercise routine of sleeping on our bed. It has been about six months now since she was abandoned on our property.

Jasper is feeling quite grumpy because Jack decided to pester him. Jasper will be 16 years old this year. We adopted him when he was 10 years old. Lee felt sorry for Jasper because he didn’t think anyone would adopt an old cat. Jasper has never forgotten that. In turn Jasper has an intense deep love that follows Lee around, much to Lee’s dismay when he is trying to accomplish something.

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4 Responses to Jack and Jasper

  1. Lynn says:

    Your Jack is so beautiful now! She has really gotten big! Our black stray cat, Shadow, has also gotten large since we adopted her. She has gotten a bad addiction to table scraps, but she’s still the wild & crazy one of our 2 cats. Jack has an addiction to biscuits?? You must give details – I cannit imagine a cat eating biscuits! Our cat Jack could be a twin to your Jasper, they both look the same.

  2. robin says:

    Oh dear Lynn, I was told by Lee that my family has an odd way of referring to cat food. We always say kitty biscuits or something to the effect that “the biscuit bowl needs refilled”. I didn’t stop to think that it might sounds like cookies. I am quite sure though that Jack would try to eat a cookie if we gave her a chance.

  3. Benita says:

    What a beautiful cat Jack is! He looks so warm and cuddly!

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