Moving the chicken coop: part one

The last two weeks Lee has been puttering on and off trying to get the chicken coop ready to move. Saturday came and it got too dark by the time Lee had completed installing the last skid. We got ready to pull the coop out to the garden on Sunday but then his tractor wouldn’t start. So off we went to get a battery charger. Monday came and as soon as Lee was off work we are out there again. He got his tractor started and backed up to the coop…

…and attached his chains. YES! We are finally on our way. It’s going to be green pastures for the hens soon. More luscious grass, bugs, and weeds than they will know what to do with. I’m feeling nervous that something horrid is going to happen to the coop along the way. Lee was feeling excited about dragging something around with his tractor. And then………his tractor died. It died right there. DOH!

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2 Responses to Moving the chicken coop: part one

  1. Benita says:

    Is that a Ford tractor?

  2. lee says:

    It’s a Ferguson TO-20 tractor, produced at the same time as the Ford 9N. They look almost identical, but are not part compatible. Mine’s a little rough to get started, but it has an excuse — it’s 59 years old! I wrote up a pretty extensive post about Ferguson tractors when we first bought it. I like my Ferguson a lot, and some day I’d like to tear it down and rebuild it for the next 50 years. In fact, I almost bought a TO-30 a couple weeks ago to have as a backup.

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