Moving the chicken coop: part three

We were so close yesterday to finishing the big chicken coop move before some unfortunate events took place. Today we had a bright idea, courtesy of my Dad, on how to finish up the last little bit of the move.

It involves using wooden posts as rollers under the coop. Lee is much more cheery looking today don’t you think? Must be the ‘third times a charm’ outlook on life.

The coop was farm jacked up on both sides and the first round wooden post was placed under the coop.

The new bolt was attached.

The farm jacks were removed and the coop sat down on the round post.

A discussion ensued over the rough sound of Lee’s tractor. It was probably on whether the tractor was going to make it without dieing again. LeeTractor problems have been traced to faulty distributor wires. I’m going to replace them, and the leaking fuel shut-off, and hopefully it will go back to purring like it did last year. Robin – Wow, only men ever talk about an engine purring. Anyways …

WOOHOO it seems to be working!

New posts are added as needed to keep the roller effect going on.

Half way through the coop had to be jacked up again to get another post under it.

We only used three fence posts for the whole process.

Once we had the coop where we wanted it the concrete blocks were put under it again. It managed to rain the whole time we were out working with the coop.

I can’t believe that we actually got this thing moved considering how many problems seemed to come up along the way.

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3 Responses to Moving the chicken coop: part three

  1. Lynn says:

    And now this task is done…until next Autumn?? And then the coop goes back? But if the chickens are in the garden, wont they eat your veggies as they grow??? I’m confused…

  2. robin says:

    Lynn, I am delaying planting in my garden for a bit as I am having Spotted Cucumber Beetle problems already. I am hoping that the chickens will take out some of those pesky pests before I plant. When I get ready to plant the garden I am just going to put up the portable electric netting to keep them out of it. We don’t use the whole garden space yet for growing things. They will have a nice section to keep them happy in for a while.

  3. Lynn says:

    Yes, I remember that your garden is HUGE! It made me want to enlarge my garden last year. I still think about enlarging it, but then I remember what a chore it was to weed the garden, and if it’s even bigger, that chore will be bigger, too…

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