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A haircut gone badly awry

It’s that time of year again. Edgar managed to grow his hair out and needed a trim. Only, due to an unfortunate series of events he managed to get the worst haircut of his life. He doesn’t know it thankfully. … Continue reading

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Chicken coop skids

The hens are getting their coop pimped out some more. Okay not really, but I say that to make them feel more special. We have needed to get the hens into another part of our property for a while now … Continue reading

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Adventures of installing a second story window

Lee took Monday afternoon off from work and got the upstairs window installed. This was the first window that we have ever done. I was very nervous about this whole process. I was sure we were either going to drop … Continue reading

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Building a chicken feeder

We’ve been using a chicken feeder we made from scrap parts ever since the chickens were two months old. Lately it’s been driving Robin a little crazy. Our eleven laying hens eat about 100 lbs of feed a month, which … Continue reading

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