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Spring in the garden

The garden is slowly starting to come to life. Once summer is on it will look completely different. Just a few more days and it will officially be spring. The rhubarb starts that my mom gave me last year are … Continue reading

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Spring is here

It must have stopped raining enough here in Oregon to send all the flowers into spring fever. Okay not really, but according to beekeepers at February’s Lane County Beekeepers Association meeting they all seemed to think spring was hitting really … Continue reading

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Wrestling with flesh eating brambles

There was a break in the weather this week so I thought I should go out and make myself useful. I attacked a small section of Flesh Shredder brambles (I borrowed the name from Bent and Rusty because I liked … Continue reading

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Forage & Pasture Management: Class 2

This is the second of a ten part series of posts chronicling core concepts from a class we are taking. Further details and links to walk through the series can be found on the class 1 post. Soil Acidity (pH) … Continue reading

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Digging up grub hoes

Okay, I admit it. I love tools–especially well-made hand tools. About a year ago I became enamored with purchasing a grub hoe. A grub hoe is a heavy-duty long-handled tool which can be used to dig and till soil much … Continue reading

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Who’s awake? Me … Too …

For over a month now, there’s been a lonely voice calling out to us in the early evening. Sometimes a week will go by and I’ll think it has left, but then I’ll hear it again as I step out … Continue reading

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Forage & Pasture Management: Class 1

“You put animals on a field. The grass grows. They eat it. What’s there to manage?” Well, quite a lot, actually. I’ve been interested in management intensive grazing ever since I read Gene Logsdon’s inspiring book All Flesh Is Grass. … Continue reading

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Bugs in the chicken coop

YUCK! I’m scratching my head over here trying to figure out what is happening in the hen house. Sunday was a nice warm day here for us and as I was in the middle of mucking out the coop I … Continue reading

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Defining goals for 2010

Research suggests that 94% of New Year’s Resolutions are broken by March 1st*. With that out of the way, we’ve decided it’s now safe to admit we have goals for the year. The 2010 goals page is available in the … Continue reading

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