Rain, rain, go away, I’d like to plant my garden someday

It’s been soggy over here and it’s impeding my garden progress. I’m feeling very grumpy at the moment and have a beef to pick with the weather. Today it rained over an inch and the rest of the week is forecasted for straight rain. Lee and I have been itching to plant things but the soil doesn’t dry out fast enough before the next rain shower comes. Our soil does drain pretty fast due to the sand content. My mom with her clay soil feels jealous of us, because she has to wait even longer to till in her garden. The picture on the left is actually the only place we get pooled water when it rains. That particular area got compacted from truck tires when we were hauling in tons of wood last spring. We don’t see any standing water on our property otherwise. I say that though, and I have no idea what the south corner of our property is like due to the bramble invasion.

I have spuds that are begging me to be planted. It’s hard looking at all those eyes on them and not being able to do anything. The spuds in the picture are ones that my mom gave me from her garden last year. Lee and I are going to plant saved potatoes and new potatoes of the same variety to find out if we can see any difference in potato output. My sister-in-law swears that they plant the same variety of spuds every year from their leftovers, and never see a decrease in potato production due to viral diseases (there are about two dozen of them). But according to Steve Solomon in his book Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades, if you don’t get new certified virus free seed stock then you run the risk of losing up to 75% of your harvest from diseases. To make things worse, most potato viruses do not not make the plant look visibly sick. If it ever stops raining I am going to plant French Fingerlings, Cal White, Red Norland, Milva, Sungre, and Desiree. These are all new varieties for us this year.

I LOVE asparagus! I have never grown it but Lee grew up with a huge row of it as a kid. Lucky guy. It’s always so expensive in the store so I am getting my own asparagus row started in our garden this year. Hopefully I don’t massacre it accidentally. I have three crowns of Sweet Purple and ten crowns of Jersey Knight. Lee read that if you can’t plant them right away you can put them in peat moss so they don’t dry out. Since this rain is not letting up any time soon that is what I did. You are now viewing my exciting new addition in a bucket.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Yeah, asparagus! We have been loving the asparagus that we found growing on our property when we moved here, and this year we planed even more, also! We had them in peat moss until we planted them, just like Lee read. I can’t wait to see how everything does this summer!

  2. Ron says:

    If it makes you feel any better… 🙂 I transplanted the best looking cabbage family transplants I’ve ever grown, on a sunny day sandwiched between two rainy days… and the sun and wind has been thrashing them ever since. Hopefully, they make it. That’s Mother Nature for ya…

    That’s interesting about the spuds. I have read not to save the potatoes, and to only use disease-free certified stock. I’m trying it anyway, though, if I can get some of my seed to last until late summer for a 2nd planting. I’ll be interested to see the results of your experiment.

    Asparagus is great! Being what I am, I had a hard time buying crowns…. no one locally had them, and it seemed like a big expense to order through the mail, not knowing what I was doing. So… when I ran across a seed packet, I bought it and started a whole bunch. This year, they are sending up huge shoots all over. I still have to wait a while to harvest them, but it’s a way to get a bunch going for very little money.


  3. robin says:

    Lynn- Lucky you to have some growing already. How many crowns did you put in? I have no idea how much I should plant. Guess I should see if the ones I got make it the first year before planting any more.

    Ron- I am SO, SO very excited about the asparagus. As soon as we get a break in the weather I am so gonna be out there planting either them or the potatoes. It will be neat to see if either you or I will be able to see a difference in our 2nd year spuds. I really need to make it back down to the store and pick up some new ones of the French Fingerling variety before the store gets sold out. It’s gonna be hard to complete my experiment if they are. 😀

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