Garden anxiety

Lee is about ready to have a nervous breakdown due to the weather impeding his gardening progress. If only you could hear the grumbles emanating from him. I keep telling him to chill out because vegetable gardening is part skill and part luck. The weather is really not cooperating over here as it will be sunny, then hail, then sunny again, and then pour down rain like it’s gonna float us away. Each day that goes by Lee seems to get more morose. I think it’s the sound of all the potatoes mocking him from the other room since they haven’t been planted yet.

Anyways, on Saturday he got one bed almost done before the sky opened up and tried to drown us. Monday saw us out in the garden after he got off work, trying to plant some of those mocking potatoes. It was still just a tad too wet, but Lee needed to do something to keep his garden sanity.

We planted some of those second year French Fingerlings that my mom gave me. Unfortunately I didn’t get back to the store in time, so I can’t compare new potato seed to older potato seed to see how much loss you will get from viruses in the plants. So I guess I will have to plant them again next year and make sure I get my new seed on time. We planted 30 feet of potatoes and we still have a bunch that still need planted. Maybe one day if it drys out.

So, Lee finally got some of those taunting potatoes planted but now he has something else threatening his fragile hold on his garden sanity. He’s trying to do something about it, but no luck so far. We have some pocket gophers in the garden. While moles can uproot plants with their digging, pocket gophers will simply eat them. He has a trap set in one of their holes at the moment.

To make matters worse, this pocket gopher has it’s absolutely ENORMOUS hole right under my beautiful garlic stand. If that stupid gopher harms my garlic I am going to roast it for dinner.

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7 Responses to Garden anxiety

  1. Ron says:

    I know these feelings very well… ­čÖé

    One has to ask themselves why on earth they subject themselves to such odds in the game of Gardening. Odds that would make a Wall Street investor run away…

    But then things go right now and then. Very addicting, that gardening stuff. ­čÖé

    I have very, very, VERY seriously considered roasting up a bunch of voles…


  2. Jessica says:

    You’re going to roast the pocket gopher with garlic, right? Hee hee hee.

  3. Benita says:

    Why does this make me laugh so much? And how will roasted gopher taste – considering you can catch the little devils!

  4. lee says:

    Ron – I think the first tomato of the season is the perfect cure for worries about the long-odds of successful gardening. Those red things they sell at the store which go by the same name are a poor substitute.

    Jessica – Ha ha. Would probably improve the flavor.

    Benita – The Oregon State Extension bulletin on our local moles said that they were unpleasant tasting. (I wonder if I professor tested that?) I’m not sure if that extends to pocket gophers, but I don’t really intend to find out.

  5. Lynn says:

    Lol – Hope the pocket gophers were caught by now! And I don’t think I’d want to know how roasted pocket gopher tastes, either! I’m know on late on reading your posts, I hope the garden is going along well now. Has the weather stabilized?

  6. robin says:

    Lynn- the weather finally stabilized for a few days so Lee was able to get some beds in. This being Oregon though, who knows what will be around the corner weather wise. Always a surprise. And nope, no pocket gopher caught. It keeps tripping a trap. Grrrrrr!

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