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The slugs were stalking my basil and the trails of their slimy nefarious nighttime activities were giving them away. Either that, or my basil has some other serious issues going on.

Since I saw the little baby slug creeps on my basil one night, I’m thinking it’s okay to blame them. For once my basil that I didn’t get planted looks better then the planted ones. Oh, it may be root bound, but at least the leaves look ever so much more tasty.

Jackie suggested in a comment that I could try crushed up egg shells as a slug deterrent. Since I didn’t have any fresh egg shells to use at this particular moment, and I didn’t feel like digging through the compost pile, I decided to use some of my chicken’s crushed oyster shells. I’m hoping that it will be much the same. Whenever I make it to the store, I am going to get some Sluggo too.

While I was out in the garden sprinkling anything that looked slug tasty with shells, I noticed something. I do believe that some of my carrots decided to sprout. Not very much of it, but a little. I think it only took it three weeks. Only things is, the weeds are huge in the carrot bed. I’d feel suspicious that we are growing Queens Anne’s Lace (which abounds on our place) but I have never seen weeds line themselves up quite like that.

Despite the weeks of cool weather and rain that is trying to stop all garden progress, we got some seeds that sprouted. “WOOHOO!” is all I can say. I thought that these seeds would have rotted but they proved me wrong. It’s nice to be proved wrong sometimes.

My basil starts may look like crap, but at least my potatoes look awesome. Maybe what I should have done is planted my whole garden as potatoes.

Lee is very happy because all four of his hop plants came up. He is going to need to build a trellis for them very soon when they decided to go on their growth marathon.

My hanging baskets that I put together are looking nice. I always find them cheery in the summer time.

Lee makes fun of me for putting the hanging baskets up on our house. He said it is like trying to put earrings on a pig. I can’t help it if we have a missing window, missing corbels, missing shingles, missing lights, and a broken screen door. One day those things will all be fixed and then he will probably tell me that the peacock doesn’t need any more plumage.

When we had the two Port Orford cedar trees taken out by the front of our house, their stumps remained behind. One of them has a huge rotten spot in it so I decided to plant something in it. It’s going to be a while until we get to landscaping the front, so maybe by the time we do the stump will have been rotted out from me using it as a planter. I planted a plume poppy in it that I picked up at the Master Gardeners annual plant sale.

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5 Responses to Garden stuff

  1. Michelle says:

    I don’t think any of my carrots sprouted and it’s been longer than three weeks! And I don’t think your house looks like a pig at all; it’s very charming!

  2. robin says:

    Aw thanks Michelle. I was about ready to give up on those carrots by the way. lol

  3. Lynn says:

    I have hanging flower baskets on my front porch, too. One purple and one pink. Our tired old house looks so sad because it really needs a new roof. Every evening when I come home from work I look at the tired old house with the pretty baskets and still smile. The baskets make it just a little better.

  4. robin says:

    Yes! Someone else understands the need for flowers. lol. There is something about the explosion of color from the flowers that is just so cheery.

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